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Can somebody reupload these umd videos on mediafire, mega, 1fincher, or google drive!?!


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Can somebody on nextgenroms to reupload south park: when technology attacks, chappelle's show volume 1, he-man and the masters of the universe the best of season 1, volume 1 umd videos, because yandex drive is blocked, and i want someone out there to reupload them, i would be very appreciated it! thank you!

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Taking advantage of the request, and assuming that requests are allowed, could someone please also upload the UMD's ISO of Donnie Darko (2001) USA version?

I request the American version because the audio of the European one sounds different and very ugly compared to the original.

Thanks in advance and greetings to all!

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You might be able to get around blocked file hosts by using VPN feature in Opera browser (just change to another region).

I know it does work for zippyshare, which blocks access from UK, Spain and probably some other countries.

No idea about yandex though. Pretty sure I've downloaded from that in the past with no issues.

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@Tullece Sama Yes :<3:

Normally each section has there own requests section, but I also made one for the hole of other retro gen as that's a niche category on it's own let alone braking it up more.

Please remember with requests though, these things take time and NGR is just a hobby. Do not request new releases or things that haven't even been released yet, and not all requests can be filled. It may take awhile before someone can help you out.

@deadlegion I did not know zippyshare was blocked in europe, thanks.

@Gamerone Yeah I can get access to Yandex as well but unsure where and if it's gonna get banned in more places. and in this instance they where being weird as the user had a full drive they where not letting them make links.. just weird..

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On 6/4/2022 at 17:25, Tullece Sama said:

Aprovechando la solicitud, y suponiendo que las solicitudes están permitidas, ¿alguien podría subir también la versión ISO de UMD de Donnie Darko (2001) EE. UU.?

Solicito la versión americana porque el audio de la europea suena diferente y muy feo en comparación con la original.

Gracias de antemano y saludos a todos!

Yes, i need Donnie Darko Movie, url or link, please @ElTacoDestroyer

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