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Bi+chin: Why are Russian Sonic hackers such cun+s?

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I'm out there in the web trying to find some decent improvement hacks that don't add too much when I notice something a little bit curious.

I can easily download Sonic 1 bugfixes, pal hacks, sound mods, characters swaps, and additional moves but it seems damn impossible to find homing attack and spindash, together, in any s1 hack that doesn't include a ton of level changes, enemy changes, boss battles etc.

My project is just recreating something like Sega Smash Pack so really, it's fine, I don't need homing or spindash for that. A nice bugfix/improvement hack is plenty enough but given I have something like 50 sonic-1 hacks and I found 0 among them, on steam, on romhacking.net, or from the hacking contest/vault that had spindash and homing attack but left the levels and enemies alone creating the balls easiest Sonic you've never played. Like a friggin playground that'd be.

So I go looking for this.

I find a program called Sonic Hacking Studio that simplifies the process. With a couple clicks you can monkey with the palette, add moves like spindash or jump dash...which is not homing but close enough, 0 f**ks given tbh. Muck with musics, edit boss hits, and more shit I didn't really care about.

That is tits.

What is less tits is how much crying the Russian hacking community does over it. That program's about 5 years old and the entire time the dev worked on it he got shit for simplifying hacking.

he got shit for simplifying hacking.


For creativity must always be behind a secrete knowledge wall of tedious hard work.


They're literally pissed off because you could do what took them months to pull off back in the day in just a few seconds with none of the coding knowledge.

I found another program similar except it can handle 1-3&K, this one does less hand holding but since it does hold your hand some the russians come out to dog the creator.

Creativity must always be behind a secrete knowledge wall. smh.


This, uh, pisses me off.

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