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Jet Grind Radio


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 greatest game ever made.

  1082B462.1.png.92aac67ced1644ddad1f3c362015aed6.png  1082B462.3.png.a7c7c4ba85f8384b55e549c7364fba8e.png  1082B462.2.png.d2cd4a6b26b4ff244bc45112c4102a9a.png

American Version - All other regions are lame :lol:. I'm kidding, but the differences are stages, music, characters, and graffiti. I read an article once that claimed the PAL version was best because they dropped the J-5 from the track list, and that explains why the PAL version sucks. How you gonna drop 2na and call it better? The Japanese versions are hit-n-miss. They're earlier and later, Japanese JSR is just JGR with less, so it sucks, but Japanese De La Jet Set Radio has all the NA/EU additions plus some gameplay patches. In reality It is probably the best version. Plus its art is rad. I'll be up'ing De La too.

Format is CDI because that seems to be what y'all like most. This game is super easy to find though so if you need iso, bin/cue, gdi, etc just drop me a line and I'll sort it for you.

Tested in Redream but y'all know this fool works in anything you throw at it.


This is the hidden content, please

De La Jet Set Radio:


Widescreen Jet Set Radio:


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