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Star Wars BFT2 Mod


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Yeah I found the instructions kinda unclear.
For one it doesn't specify which ver of the psp game you need (usa or eur) guessing USA though. Or what vers it works with (usa, eur, jps, even found the addon system thingy can patch ps2 and xbox...) and If this patch you want has to be added to an already patched or modded game or can it be patched right onto the retail copy of the game with the right tools.
Also the only video i'v seen so far of how to do the patch is using an already modded ver of the game and then pointing an emulator at a folder, not an iso... we need an iso for compatible with other things... like the psp lol..
I know how to make a psp iso and cso but that's not the point.
Soo yeah i'm looking into it but not that deep, totally fine if someone else figures it out before me. 

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