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Dennou Taisen DroneZ [JPN-MIX]


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DroneZ (NTSC-J) Thumbnail.jpg

Dennou Taisen

Drone Z

Even know this game is marked as japan and comes from a Japanese region, if you set your xbox system language to English the game will run fully in English with English voice acting. It seams at one point there was 

This is the hidden content, please
 but I can find even less info on that. But that would explain why this game runs fully in English if the work was already done.

This game was mix region patched by kami knows what (probably dvd2xbox) so it should run on all xboxs and mods fine.
HOWEVER if the game boots fine, gets to the title screen but then black screens after you press start that may be an issue with your xbox, not the game.
This game was tested on 4 xboxs.
v1.2 modchip running game from hdd.
v1.6 modchip running game off disk.
v1.4 TSOP running the game off disk.
v1.6 Softmod running the game off disk.
This black screen error happens with a few games and I think I know the problem however the problem is kinda new and I don't think I've seen anyone really discussing it. So I need to run a lot more tests both hardware and software to really nail it down. Stay tuned I guess.
I am 99% sure this dump is good, if you are having issues as always please let me know.

Cover scan:


This cover scan is turbo bad. I cant find any better. If you have anything better please let me know.
DroneZ (NTSC-J) Cover BAD.jpg


This is the hidden content, please

This is the hidden content, please

Password for RAR file:



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