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How you manage you accounts



lol, more Gator bitching


I uploaded some small ngcd-to-dc converts I thought would just fill my mega. I just went over actually.


I got this email:


[email protected]

We hope you're enjoying your MEGA Free account.

Your Free MEGA account is using 20.01 GB. This is over your storage limit of 20 GB.

As your MEGA account is over its storage quota, you can no longer upload more files, and syncing has stopped.

To increase your storage and transfer limits and enjoy further benefits please upgrade to a MEGA Pro plan.


We will send you two further reminder emails over the next 30 days.

Please note: accounts that remain over their storage limit and are not upgraded could be locked until you take action. This means you will be unable to download or delete your data.

Thank you for being an active MEGA user.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us: [email protected]

Best regards,



What a bunch of shit. 


So, what do youse do? I'm sure there's plenty here with more than 50gbs uploaded. How do you keep your links up and accounts open? 


lol, my ass over here thinking about making a patreon or some such.  I don't want to make money to share, but I ain't spending money to share either. I'll make a second account for now so I can keep going, but that's it. I'm not about to pledge to up-keep accounts every 50gbs though.



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This information maybe outdated. But I mostly manage my accounts manually one by one.

Someone asked me a similar question in a dm:


This is the hidden content, please
 Used to create throw away accounts for creating multiple cloud storage accounts. There is also an android version.
This is the hidden content, please
 allows 50gb uploads for new users - it then defaults to 15gb after 1 month, but if you uploaded the 50gb they won't delete it.
Best Speed and the most free storage available.
one strike DMCA all uploads deleted.
This is the hidden content, please
 offers 10gb - although I only have success signing up for a accounts with a VPN. 
I do have a mullvad VPN which is about 6€ a month.
Free 10gb with option to increase to 100gb for only $20 a year(best option I've ever seen.)
It's russian I don't think they care about DMCA.
For bulk Uploads (greater than 4gb(iirc)) you need the yan.disk application.
This is the hidden content, please
Offers 2gb for free I've mainly used for uploading small cracked software and/or a single movie.
Easy to sign up.
Heavy DMCA inforcement.
(They just deleted a playstation documentary I uploaded 2 weeks ago.)
This is the hidden content, please
Offers 15gb of free storage. Well know and good speeds mainly I use for cracked software and old media considering the are DMCA compliant.
Easy to use - great speed.
Heavy DMCA compliant.
This is the hidden content, please
Offers 5gb for free I've been uploading EBOOT.pbp's they are small.
Easy to use an has advanced link share capability options for encryption and password protection.
Only 5gb free.
This is the hidden content, please
 I have used this to hide links from Spiders as well a statistics to see how my links are performing.
This is the hidden content, please
NGR hosted url-shortener.
Url shorters are great for hiding from Spiders.
FYI - An article on Spiders 
This is the hidden content, please
When posting URLs use the syntax [Hide][/Hide] so that the guest needs to respond to the post in order to unlock the URLs.
Finally wether or not you need a VPN depends on how your country of origin responds to content sharing.
USA - doesn't actively seek uploaders, but will deactivate associated accounts. i.e gdrive/dropbox
RUSSIA - IMO just doesn't care.
For your specific region I'd advise you to do some research with regards to DMCA inforcement in your location.
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