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Sorry for the internet sourced screenshot, I usually use my own but I'm a bit unprepared for this upload.

Was requested via private message but I figure if I'm up'ing it I may was well share with everyone.


It's a very fun platform runner. You're just trying to get from left to right as quickly as you can manage to but it's quite difficult in spots and you're going to be forced to take it easy. Similar to a Sonic game but harder and you don't have an attack.


I had started to work on the comic prior to my PC burning out but didn't finish. I included my work. It's very much readable, the only issue is I seem to have decided halfway through the pages should be bigger. So, it's a simple as resizing the pages to make it a nive digital comic. Included is the CBZ and the photos I used to create the CBZ. Should you want to resize or create your own rename the .cbz extension to a .zip and handle it just like you would any other zip. .cbr/.cbr are zips and rars they're just renamed so the comic book reader can differentiate between comic book zips and regular zips more easily.


Just a head's up, I'm not trying to guilt anyone into buying anything just giving some unsolicited advice is all. This one is really cheap, I think I paid like ten bucks for it and the comic. It's a steal, well, not like my link is, but you get what I mean.



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