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Racist Uploads?



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1 hour ago, Badcam3 said:

Send me a DM with some of the links. 

Actually, the plot thickens, one of the roms had a title screen advertising the host site for them so now I have found even more. Just need to actually patch the roms and upload the patched roms to share. There's a whole slew of various flavors of offensive here. I think it's funny AF but to patch these then upload them will take me time and if I'm the only grown ass man with the sense of humor of a 12 year old then I'll not waste my time.


I can't see the harm in showing where the patches are hosted. You have to click this link then several others to find anything offensive. It's not hard to find but there is no I accidentally here so I figure safe for public. I apologize if I'm overstepping.


You can find the patches here:

This is the hidden content, please


I'm gonna get to work on Beat'em and Eat'em. That shit is funny as f**k I tell y'all what. "Help these poor girls get properly bukkake-ed" :lol: 


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We do have an nsfw club... but it was mostly used for anime porn....
I think yeah If it's titled correctly and people know what they are getting into when they download it then it should be ok I think..
Just make sure your cover art, scans and/or screenshots are safe for work that's all.

Side note on weird rom hacks: Wasn't there a Donald trump nes rom hack?

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