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Fire & Ice


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Another Amiga port made by my brother who goes by Marchegiano on dreamcast-talk.

I don't know if I ever actually said this anywhere so let me sure it's at least said once. Every port I upload is an autoload port. When the loading screen or desktop screen come up you don't have to do anything for the game to boot. I suggest just holding the trigger to super throttle through actually, and if you're emulating it then hold the triggers and press whatever you use for your emulator's fast forward.

Hell, actually I'm not sure I ever mentioned the Amiga ports can be fast forwarded at all :lol: If you missed it, hold the triggers, even on hardware you have at least one fast forward.

This one gets rid of the simulated LEDs on the bottom.

It's a pretty good game actually. All the cliche stuff from Europe where you have to go all over the levels collecting nonsense to progress, dodging unfair enemy spawns, and the controls are pretty terrible, but, somehow the fellas who made this one made all of that work for them. The slippery controls are fine in an icy setting. You're rewarded for going around the level rather than just wasting time because if you're not getting a piece of the key you're probably going to find one of your puppies who once joined up with you will tail you like as if his name were Tails and help you along by attacking with you. You can have a whole little with you all shooting iceballs at enemies. The spawns will get you if you don't pay attention but if you take note of topography, after you learn what the different types are, you can anticipate them pretty well from there out and don't actually have to take a hit all the time to learn the layout of the levels.

All in all, a very good Amiga game. 


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