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Battle Kid


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This is a game I found on another website in a foreign language that translated but it read like childish nonsense so I couldn't make much of it. Maybe one of youse multi-linguals out there can find out more at Darius-Saturn. 


What I can tell you is it plays how it looks. First generation NES Mega Man, straight up. This game is unfair, but no more unfair than its inspiration. It might be a bit more difficult but it seemed about the same to me.

Battle Kid, or at least this version, was built on an NES platform and the port I found on the Saturn forum, which is where that tits cover came from as well, was done using Nester. Done, no offense to the person who did it, poorly I reckon. So I redid it. I have the original still and if any of youse want it I got no problem uploading it for you, but, it's not as direct as this port. You'll have to navigate through menus and start the game on the OG version....and who really wants that? My version, either burn or throw in an emu, any emu, and off you go.

I cracked the original open and popped its rom out. Then I cracked open one of the ports my brother made and popped its boot files out. Mix mash and replace, pop into discjuggler cause that pops out cdi's and there you go. My brother says he'll give me some tools to make it way easier but this port is pretty exactly like any of his I've uploaded so I dunno if I need them. I'll upload what I use as a package if any wants to make their own ports.


Sometimes with these smaller games it takes more time to explain what the upload it than to upload them. Consequently, I did the minimum for quite a few of these but as I get more time I will type or copy some kind of explanation for them.


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