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Fruit'Y is a puzzle game similar to Gem'X: You have to modify a board on the left side of the screen to match the fruit pattern on the right side.

The board on the right side of the screen is the reference board and can't be modified. The board on the left side is your active board and will already contain some fruit pattern - that one has to be modified to match the pattern on the right side. To do so you can touch a fruit, making it shift it's appearance (e.g. from an apple to a banana). The order of the transformations will change in every level and is displayed in the middle between the two boards. The fruit you have touched will change it's appearance twice, the adjacent fruits (left, right, top, bottom) will shift their appearance by one fruit. If one of the fruits of the bottom of the list is transformed it will disappear and all fruits on top of it will fall down to fill the empty space.

As you can only change forms in one direction there's no way to restore the previous appearance of a fruit (or even recover dissolved fruits). Additionally there's a time and movement limit in each level, however you do have the option to undo your last move without loosing a life.

The game features 120 levels, chiptune music and several different animated jungle background images.

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