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Blue's Journey

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In Blue's Journey players control Blue (the second player controls a mirror image of Blue referred as Shadow Blue), with the game playing like a typical side-scrolling platformer. His main form of attack is to drop a large leaf which stuns enemies, which can then be picked up and thrown at other enemies. Aside from attacking and jumping, Blue can also shrink in order to cross small gaps in the scenery.

The game is four stages long, though the player can choose which stage to visit after beating a boss, adding to the game's replayability. Strewn along the levels are various shops where the player can buy power ups, as well as houses inhabited by NPC characters which can give the player hints or ask for specific items. The game has multiple endings, which are decided depending on the player's actions during the game

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This is a test port made by my brother. It's very playable there's just some small issues like a blank splash screen. 

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