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This letter, will be an introduction to myself. Who am I? What do I like to do? Where do I live? What is my SSN number? Some of these questions will be answered for your enjoyment in this letter. It contains information which may help you understand more about me as a person.

First things first. I am uncomfortable with sharing my real name on here so I'll go by the pseudonym of, 'Fowlscanfly.' I am 25 years old. My house is a quaint cottage near the woods fairly distant from the city. I am not married and I work as a teacher at the local high-school nearby.  I get home every day 8pm and I occasionally smoke. I like to drink a warm glass of milk before sleeping and typically I'm in bed by 11pm.   

I have a cat named Whiskers and she is currently in my lap, purring contently. She's a white tabby and her fur is a soft white color. She likes cuddles and she likes to sit in front of the fire when she feels cold.

Hopefully this letter gave you a little more insight into my personality.

Fowlscanfly xx


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