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PLEASE: arcade racing legends and ntreprid izzy GDI FORMAT


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You have to convert them, but, I think you may be mistaken


Take this next bit with a grain of salt, but our own PSOBB or Fraggle can clarify. I upload CDIs pretty exclusively. I know a few guys here use those cdis on their gdemus. I can't say how, I don't have gdemu. All I know is I have seen other take my cdis and play them on their gdemus. 


That said, if you MUST have gdi you have to make conversions. Both these games are made on MIL not GDROM so there is no GDI to rip. Just CDI, Bin/Cue, and ISO. ISO2GDI is extremely easy. CDI to ISO is pretty easy too. I dunno if there's a direct CDI2GDI tool, but, to make a CDI an ISO just download PowerISO and use its converter under Tools. Once you have the ISO look for ISO2GDI tool and run it. Done.


To get a GDI you need a GDROM disc and a GDROM reader. We use our Dreamcasts as the reader, hence why I have no GDEmu. If you're gonna rip you can't SD-card your reader. No GDROM means no GDI without converting to GDI. Sorry bud.


Hope this helps you

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