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how i burn xbox classic game on dvd ?


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For original Xbox console?

If the download you have is an iso disc image then just burn to DVD using ImgBurn on PC.

If the download you got is extracted files of the game you will need to rebuild the iso first before burning. Rebuild iso using Qwix on PC.

Please note some original Xbox DVD drives can be funny about disc media, even more so if the laser is getting tired.

In my experience games burnt to DVD-R media will work on most, if not all, fully functioning drives.

Media branding (eg Verbatim, Sony... etc) is irrelevant, it's the manufacturer that is important (I would avoid CMC and Moser Baer manufactured discs).

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Hello @Makvile_89:KannaWave:

First off we need to establish a few things first, What type of xbox iso do you have and what iso programs do you have?

For programs I would recommend something like UltraISO, PowerISO, etc..
And yes as @deadlegion said we are gonna need ImgBurn to burn the iso to a disk if it's the right iso that can be burn to a disk.
Also iirc windows 10 has inbuilt iso tools but I don't windows 10 so we will be using UltraISO in today's example.

ISO types.
There are 2 main xbox ISO types I know about, your "normal" xbox iso and redump isos.
Redumps are a bit for bit copy of the disk, grate for archiving but a fucking pain in the ass to deal with as you can't just extract or use them as they have also copied the copy protection and dvd movie layers of the disk so you will need custom tools to do anything with them.
Your normal xbox iso will only contain game data and will open up fine on most ISO tools and you should see a XBOX DVD or XBOX ISO for the image type. 
Somewhere in the root of all the files you should see a defult.xbe. This image we can burn to a disk, we can not burn redumps to a disk unless we convert them first.
(Redump on top, normal xbox iso on bottom)
Also as redumps are dumping a lot more data then a normal disk they are typically a lot larger then a normal xbox iso so that's also a good hint too.


Burning normal xbox isos.
@deadlegion Covered most of it but we'll go over it quick.
Yes, early dvd xbox drives (aka Thomson) do not read burnt games that well... or at all really.... and yes if your xbox drive is warn out it will not read disks aswell.
You can check that by just trying to load a legit game and if it takes wayy longer to load and it's making some weird noises then might want to have a look at it.
Thankfully og xbox dvd drives are not locked so if you can't clean or fix it you can just grab another one from another xbox and it should work fine.
The hdds are locked so don't get them mixed up, it worn't harm them, it just won't boot and you will get an error.
(there are caveats to all things, in this case with tsop flashed and mod chipped xboxs but i'm trying not to ramble to much, just don't mix hdds but you can mix dvd drives)
Also og xbox is from 2001 remember, it will only read single layer dvds (4.7 GB), it can't read dual layer dvd (8.5 GB)
There is a hole ass thing on reddit on xbox drive types and what they can and can not read soo yeah read up there if you wanna know more but yeah cds and single layer dvds should be fine most of the time.

This is the hidden content, please

The brand of the disk you are burning isn't as important as the drives you are trying to use to burn and read it, just don't get some shitty 99c officemax dvds and you should be fine. I mostly use verbatims for dvds and sonys for cds but that's just what I can get locally easily. Also the sony cds look like they have been using the same tooling since the early 90's soo they look retro and make me fuzzy and warm on the inside when ever I get to burn some ps1 games to a 90's af cd-r.

When burning isos to disk you want to use as slow speed as possible. It's more important on cd based consoles like the ps1 but still relevant on xbox.
The fastest a xbox drive can read is 5x soo I find that 4x and 2x work the best for me. Disk speed can be depended on the type of disk but normally that's a how fast not how slow limit, the how slow limit depends on the dvd burner you are using.
So yeah just stick a blank dvd in, open ImgBurn, click on the little folder icon at the top under source, select the normal xbox iso you want to burn (remember we cant burn redump isos yet) set the drive speed, click the file to disk button at the bottom and wait for it to burn.

As I have rambled long enough I think ima move this to a new og xbox tutorial section, And make a new post for how to extract and rebuild redump xbox isos.
I'm also gonna move this post to tutorials as well if that's cool ❤️ 

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Original Xbox can read dual layer discs. It just depends on the drive type and the media.

Eg: Hitachi-LG (GDR-8050L) in v1.6 Xbox with modchip can read DVD+R DL.

I have 2x backups here on DVD+R DL media... Jade Empire (Ridata DVD+R DL) and 50 Cent Bulletproof (Verbatim DVD+R DL) they both work fine on the above console. They also work on another v1.6 modchip console I have here that I pulled the original faulty 8050 drive and hooked up a PC CD/DVD burner:  Hitachi-LG GSA-H11N (this unit will only play backups at the moment).

I think the Thomson drive is the one that has difficulty reading different media types. I could be wrong about that, but I could do some testing as I have a spare working drive  here.

Console with modchip: HDD locking is irrelevant. Just use whatever PATA drive you want and use an installer disc to format/setup the HDD. SATA you will obviously need an adapter (I don't recommend the startech adapters myself), 80 wire PATA cable and molex power splitter.

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7 minutes ago, kiko11 said:

There is easy method I use ZXBTools.1.6a It has multi game Creation.

Hmm, have not heard of this tool before. will has to give it a look :think:
When it comes to iso creation Qwix seems to be the goto for most people... 
But I also never got to into isos and discs, the xbox has a hdd and its easy enough to upgrade, just stick the games onto the hdd and play them from there >__<' but I get it if people don't / can't upgrade the hdd in there xbox and dont want to swap out games all the time as the og xbox hdd can hole like 1 or 2 games before you run out of space..

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