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Mega Man Powered Up UNDUB (NA)


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Update 2022-05-21: Auto-skip the problematic Capcom logo FMV by default.
Title ID: ULUS10091

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A couple of things to note:
※ Time Man's "hmpf" during the Elec Man vs Time Man banter sounds stuttery.
※ The Japanese version of the game has higher bitrate event voice clips but if imported as they are, the localised version skips about half of them. Those had to be slightly compressed.

The Capcom logo FMV is auto-skipped to work around a compatibility issue concerning its playback on certain PPSSPP setups. An optional patch to retain the FMV is

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Thanks a lot for releasing this undub, I have one question though.
On Reddit thread, I read that you mentioned you couldn't find textures to uncensor Oil Man.
Do you think you could do a quick text swap in Japanese version just how that YouTuber did so that people who don't mind slight Japanese text leftovers can play uncensored version?

To quote this YouTuber, he said:

I couldn't create a dub of the game, I just replaced the ENG text in the japanese version with edition. also, to unpack the files in the iso try the program ULTRAISO

Sounds like a quick swap so do you think it's possible to do it as sort of alternative release?
At least as XDelta patch

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@OldClassicGamer The issue with the quick swap approach is that along the way I'd be indiscriminately importing all the textures from the English version into the Japanese one, meaning that I'd still have to comb through them all to find the Oil Man's textures in every spot they're present... and that's not all!
The localised version of the game has some lines split in two in about half of the game's events, making all of those appear glitchy as hell when imported into the Japanese version.
I believe there's a reason why that YouTuber featured a playthrough for Proto Man specifically, as his route is the only one that doesn't have any split lines/textboxes from start to finish. Apparently, even that one has some problems: 

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Having said that, I'm still planning to go back to this one at a later date and focus on browsing through the textures specifically.

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@OldClassicGamer The question is not how to locate the textures but where, because there are simply way too many of them.
Also, locating just one texture wouldn't help much with finding the remaining bunch, as there are menu textures and the like besides the gameplay ones...
The real issue here is that I can't see any methods of automatically batch-converting the decompressed textures into something viewable, so far each one has to be adjusted by hand, which is as time-consuming as you can imagine.
But yeah, I've seen RTB's thread on vg-resource and I'm using the CPK0 decompression script from there.

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