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My account was closed, I'll update y'all when I sort it. 


I have a back up for y'all as well, here:

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Everytime I log I get more reactions on this one so I felt like I should update y'all with a bit of a review.


I've beaten the game so I can declare it is 100% playable with very few glitches.


I beat it on Redream but tested it in Demul as well, both emus had the same issues. Some screens you see a choppy pixelated string of colorful lines before the game loads. Sometimes when using save and load states you'll get the same screen. At no point in my playthrough did any natural load screen hang on this glitch but one time and only one time I did get the glitch to remain on screen and ruin gameplay by accidentally save stating in the arcade during the swimming game. Lucky for me it was not over my actual save slot so it ended up being just a novel problem I noticed. Do not savestate while the arcade games are playing, it will glitch and you'll be stuck on a screen of pink lines.


Outside of that it ran and looked amazing. 


I used the newest dev version of redream.



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