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Mameoxtras 2021 Final (New Update)


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MAMEoXtras Final
by gamezfan

What new


games now supported
Aladdin (bootleg of Megadrive version)
Bare Knuckle II (chinese bootleg of Megadrive version)
Bare Knuckle III (bootleg of Megadrive version)
Bronx (Cycle Shooting bootleg)
Calorie Kun vs Moguranian
Danger Express
Frog & Spiders
Juezhan Tianhuang
Jolly Jogger
Magic Purple
Mrs. Dynamite
Ms. Pacman Twin
Samurai Shodown V Perfect
Space Position
Space Raider
Super Bubble Bobble (Sun Mixing, Megadrive clone hardware)

games fixed and now playable
Get Star / Guardian
Kick And Run
Ufo Senshi Yohko Chan (protected set)

game with graphical improvements
Crazy Climber 2
Ninja Kid II
Return Of The Invaders
Super Slam Tennis
The Fairyland Story

games now with sound
Altered Beast (version 2)
Ninja-Kid II (set 1)

games now with sample support
Kid Niki Radical Ninja
Spelunker 1 and 2

games now with improved sound
Hit The Ice
Kid Niki Radical Ninja
Spelunker 1 and 2
Steel Force
Super Slam Tennis
Tecmo Bowl
Teki Paki
Whoopie! / Pibi & Bibi

sega changes
Ported across from MAME2003+ our older version of the
outrun.c driver which uses the faster system16 gfx and
also supports Turbo Outrun.

As a result Turbo Outrun now performs the best out of
any arcade core available on the Xbox, but as always
there is small price to pay.

The romsets for Super Hang-On, Outrun and Turbo Outrun
will now have to change and once again only the bootleg
version of Super Hang-on will be playable in this core.

Due to rolling the core back and removing redundant code
we can no longer support the following Sega Y-board games
however they always performed better in FBL anyway so no
great loss and this emulator is now leaner and meaner as
a result of dumping alotta duplicated code......

Games Removed from this release

Galaxy Force 2
G-LOC Air Battle
Power Drift
Rail Chase
Strike Fighter

All the other Sega games are unaffected.

taito/toaplan protection MCUs
Added the protection mcu's to the following games which
can now be considered to be 100% emulated....

Chack' N Pop
Daikaiju No Gyakushu
Get Star / Guardian
Kick And Run
Onna Sansirou - Typhoon Gal
Return Of The Invaders
Rumba Lumba
Teki Paki (sound mcu)
The Fairyland Story
Whoopie! / Pibi & Bibi (sound mcu)

Roms which support the new mcu dumps will be required for all the above games.

general fixes and improvements
 Improved the C-Chip mcu simulation for Bonze Adventure so the game no longer crashes after you die on level 6 [arcadez]
Added Konami 007452 multiplier/divider fixes which fixes rolling mines and bullet trajectories in contra during the 3D Sections [arcadez]
Hooked up missing MSM5205 sample sounds which are for crowd cheers, game sfx and speech in Tecmo Bowl [arcadez]
Fixed some sound and graphical niggles plus prevent Super Slam Tennis crashing after winning a set [arcadez]
Fixed player progress building silhouette graphics in crazy climber 2 [mahoneyt944]
Added HD647180 MCU sound support for Teki Paki and Whoopee / Pibi & Bibi removing the need for hacked sound samples [dink, arcadez]
Added support for Bronx a working bootleg of Cycle Shooter to the nycaptor.c driver [arcadez]
Updated outrun.c to MAME89 and then fixed the sound and graphical road drawing plus hooked up the inputs so that Turbo Out Run can now be played in this core [arcadez]
Added support for Mrs. Dynamite and Space Raider to ladybug.c also updated the SN76496 sound core to allow for 5 chips to be used for both of these games [arcadez]
Added a new driver for Calorie Kun vs Moguranian then added support for Space Position to angelkds.c and hooked both games upto the Sega 317 Decryption [arcadez]
Filled out the dip switches and hooked up the protection mcu for Kick And Run which makes the game 100% in the emulation dept and now fully playable [arcadez]
Removed the Knight Boy bootleg mcu from Kiki Kai Kai and replaced it with a simulation of the proper mcu fixing many game logic problems [arcadez]
Removed simulation code and hooked up the proper protection mcu for Daikaiju no Gyakushu [arcadez]
Updated the retofinv.c driver to MAME94 fixing some gfx niggles "lives left" display etc etc and hooked up the proper mcu for Return Of The Invaders [arcadez]
Fixed some graphical problems "dragon attacks" in the final level of The Fairyland Story [arcadez]
Removed a bootleg mcu and some fake mcu simulation code and hooked up the proper Taito mcu's for Onna Sansirou - Typhoon Gal, Rumba Lumba and The Fairyland Story [arcadez]
Fixed game timers removed simulation code and hooked up the proper protection mcu for Chack'n Pop [arcadez]
Added Aladdin, Bare Knuckle II, Bare Knuckle III, Juezhan Tianhuang and Super Bubble Bobble (Sun Mixing version) to the segac2.c driver [arcadez, mahoneyt944]
Updated the mc8123 decryption and hooked it upto Altered Beast, Ninja Kid II, Ufo Senshi Yohko Chan and Wonderboy In Monsterland [arcadez]
Altered Beast (version 2) and Ninja Kid II now have sound plus some graphical problems on levels 2 and 6 in Ninja Kid II are now sorted [arcadez]
Added tr606drumkit.zip sample support used in FBNeo for Irem M62 titles improving game sounds [arcadez, grant2258, KMFDManic, mahoneyt944, FBN DEV Team]
Improved the C-Chip simulation for Volfied fixing the sprite and background colours and in game level timers and logic [arcadez]
Added jollyjgr.c supporting two new games, Jolly Jogger and Frog & Spiders [arcadez, mahoneyt944]
Fixed SN76496 sound in Super Bubble Bobble (Sun Mixing) and ported across from MESS extra genesis input code so that Bare Knuckle II + III are now playable [arcadez, dink]
Added Magic Purple to the Tumble Pop driver [arcadez]
Added Ms Pacman Twin to the pacman driver [grant2258, mahoneyt944, arcadez]
Fixed missing OKIM6295 sound speech samples in Hit The Ice [arcadez]
Fixed music tempo in TANK / TNK III [arcadez]
Added Danger Express a super rare Atari prototype to the atarig42 driver [arcadez]
Filled out dip switch options for Head On Channel, OOPArts and SegaSonic Bros [arcadez]
Updated parts of the flower.c driver to later MAME fixing some major graphical problems game can now be considered playable [arcadez]
Enabled a little hack in the Flower sound core which prevents certain sound samples playing constantly [arcadez]
Hooked up the protection mcu for Get Star / Guardian both versions are now playable [arcadez]

link (includes all the new roms)

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small update

here is a little update for those that could not do without the Sega Y-Board games, there are also a couple more fixes

ported across from MAME2003+ for Taito's Superman and Twin Hawk which unknown until recently were always broken in MAME84, just delete your
previous save and drop these xbe's over the top of your MAMEoXtras build enjoy.

MAMEoXtras 2021 Final Bonus

Whats New in MAMEoXtras 2021 Final Bonus

Added support back in for the Sega Y-board games

Galaxy Force 2
G-LOC Air Battle
Power Drift
Rail Chase
Strike Fighter

Games with graphical improvements

Twin Hawk

Games now with improved sound

Twin Hawk

General Fixes And Improvements

Fixed missing and or broken graphics in Superman and Twin Hawk [arcadez]
Fixed some sound niggles in Twin Hawk [arcadez]


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