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Half Life Dreamcast + Mods


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I'm the one who made that video, thanks for sharing it for me ✌️😁 feel free to share the link wherever you want, as well as some of my other content! I've also installed Half-Life on my 3DS, on my Switch (w/Blue Shift and Opposing Force), as well as an almost 300 episode long Half-Life Mods series. Needless to say, if you like modding game systems or Half-Life, I'm your guy ✌️😎


And memes... Some really dank Half-Life / Garry's Mod Memes 😐👍


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6 hours ago, GatorCountry said:

Had a hard time finding a pack or folder so I'll have to update by-n-by as I find them

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Think maybe I know of two places (?) that have some mods, I might've even grabbed a bunch myself and they're probably CDI... I only use GDI on my console though (because, reasons).

Drop me a PM if you want me to check what I have, or for other possible sources.

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On 4/23/2022 at 3:06 PM, GatorCountry said:





I thought I took more shots, at least one of an actual zombie, but I guess I didn't.

  • Tested in Redream-Dev
  • File is CDI
  • I don't think mods/homebrews have regions
  • Link is Mega


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cool mod

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