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ATTENTION (Regarding Archive.org)


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I wanted to share a solution I figured out to the damn toc error that seems to be happening more and more frequently when trying to extract the original xbox iso's on Archive.org using dvdmulleter and or extract-xiso.

Using a tool called Xbox Image Browser, I have been able to extract every iso on archive.org (even ones I already had a toc error with.

In case you're having a problem finding XBOX Image Browser to download, I uploaded it to Google drive, here is the link:

This is the hidden content, please

IMPORTANT: You will need to place the MSCOMCTL.OCX into your system32 folder, then run XBOX Image Browser as administrator otherwise it might not work properly, or at all.


How to use Xbox Image Browser:

STEP 1: Click file then select and click "Open Image File"

STEP 2: Navigate to the image file and double click on it

STEP 3: Create a folder you want to extract the contents of the iso image to (The folder name does not mater)

STEP 4: Right click on the name of the disk image, then click "Extract".

STEP 5: Navigate to the folder you created in step 3 and click on it so it's just highlighted

STEP 6: Click ok and let the program run

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