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Neto Boot Loader: audio fix & more [AtGames Genesis Portable]

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This is a boot loader for the AtGames Sega Genesis Ultimate Game Player Portable.
It runs off the SD card, it isn't actually a firmware flash for the unit as such although there are debugging capabilities afaik.
I've tested it on the blue console type (2014) myself so idk about other console versions...well, I think for the Tectoy variants of this kind of handheld the .bin file used is named differently plus it's in a different folder on the SD card.

Yeah this info is out there, but the guy that created the fix is Brazilian so some info you might find (even on his website) is in Portuguese.
Please note, even though this is being called a fix don't expect it to make your crappy console sound like a million dollars.

It is still a fix though as it improves audio quality slightly and the timing iirc, plus afaik it also allows you to run more roms with improved compatibility...idk if every single game out there works 100% though (some homebrew, betas or hacks/translations might be problematic).


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I spent a little while reading quite a few pages on different sites until I figured out what I needed to do. I think the creator used a Tectoy for testing, the hardware is the same afaik.
I'll attach the latest version of the boot loader I have used myself, the download will have the complete folder structure you need to get this working on an AtGames Genesis Portable.

Some of his notes...


You have to format the sd card to FAT16 or FAT.
Also there seems to be a problem with the windows 10 formatting so if you have win10 don't use the build in microsoft program.

NETO Boot Loader.
A new Menu Loader that hacks or corrects the FireCore Sound code in the FireCore Sega Genesis based emulators and it can be loaded from the SD card on most systems. Sound is now almost 90% perfect.

Benefits are:

Near perfect sound.

A new and far better menu system

Game Saves!

Game Genie Codes

Controller Remapping.


Debugger notes
These are his notes so I guess Tectoy related, I haven't done any messing around on my AtGames unit.


There is a built-in debugger where you can try other settings for processor Red Kid 2500.
To Access "Debug Mode" during message "Inicializando Neto MD-DOS..." press "A", Then select a Game normally, after game is loaded to SD-RAM and before run you will be directed to debug screen.
In debug press "START" to Access Programming Mode and then use:
A - To select parameter
B - To increase high Byte
C - To increase low Byte
D Pad - To increase / decrease Low and High Byte.
"A+Start" to apply Settings and Start Game
The debug mode was developed to allow advanced users testing and reporting the best settings found and can be used for future updates.
The debug mode can be used to adjust other games which can have problems like slow Music. Changing parameter FM SP: can fix this.
In portable versions the debug mode only works when connected to a TV set.
Since the debug mode change some processor parameters, setting wrong parameters can hang the system, just press reset and try again.



Red Kid 2500 addresses


Here is the some info about Red Kid 2500 Addresses:
$00000000 - (0004) Normal Mode / (0017) Redkid Programming Mode

$00B00012 - Z80 Clock
$00B00018 - PSG Clock
$00B0001A - M68K Clock

$00B00202 - SD Card Bus Request
$00B00248 - SD Card Data Port Status
$00B00300 - SD Card Data Port

$00B01000 - Display / TV Color System
$00B01006 - TV Sub carrier Tunning
$00B0100A - Jump Control
$00B0100C - Game PAL Bit
$00B01018 - TV Vertical Pos
$00B0101E - Game Export Bit / VDP Scroll Setting
$00B01028 - M68K Offset
$00B0103C - SDRAM Offset
$00B01054 - Yamaha Clock / FM SP

The Best values are:
$0607 - $00B00012 - Z80 Clock
$0003 - $00B0001A - M68K Clock (27 Mhz / 3 ) = 9 MHz
$0077 - $00B00018 - PSG Clock
$2620 - $00B01054 - FM SP / Some games run better with other values ( Out Run -> $2616, Comix Zone $261B ).

$00B01000 - Display / TV Color System
$03A0 - LCD Mode ( Portable Models )
$0425 - PAL-M Sub Carrier
$04A0 - NTSC Sub carrier
$04A6 - Pal Sub Carrier

$00B01006 - TV Sub carrier Tunning - Best Settings
$0000 - For NTSC And PAL-M
$0020 - For PAL

$00B01018 - TV Vertical Pos
$0015 - Internal LCD
$001C - For NTSC And PAL-M
$0035 - For PAL

$00B0101E: ( Export Bit / Some VDP control )
Bit 0 - Controls VDP - This bit came enabled by default which cause the Contra Hard Corps scrolling Bug.
Bit 2 - Controls Export - 0 Export / 1 Local.

$00B0100C - Game PAL bit
Bit 2 - 0 NTSC / 1 PAL.



1. Download the archive from the attachment at the bottom of this thread.
2. Format your SD card as FAT (or FAT16, but I used FAT myself on an old generic 2GB card not HC or whatever).
3. Extract the archive and copy the contents to the root of your empty SD card.
4. Add your game roms to the ROM1 folder (location: SD Card>TECTOY>ROM>ROM1), if you have more than 99 roms then create another sequentially named folder inside the ROM folder (eg the next folder name after ROM1 would be ROM2), 16 sub folders maximum.
5. To use the boot loader, turn on your AtGames Portable normally and use right d-pad until you get to SD card option on the games list then press start/pause button like you would to launch a game already on the unit (internal).
6. You should be able to figure out what to do from here, the menu is in English 🙂


Rom types notes:
I've used .md .bin and .smd files, but I haven't done extensive tests of everything yet.


Boot loader version notes:
What I've included is Neto Boot Loader v1.46a (English version), if there's a newer version on Neto's site you can use that (I recommend you look for a version tagged as English, unless you understand Portuguese or Russian) and copy it to SD Card>GAME folder, but you will need to rename MDI.bin to Neto Loader.bin



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