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Grand Knights History [English v1.16]


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While these three nations vie for continental domination, one captain must choose a nation with which to align him/herself, then recruit teams of able-bodied soldiers and train them into battle-ready knights to send off into the ever-changing online war campaign. It is up to players to choose an allegiance with one of the three factions, then progress through offline questing and intense 30-hour online skirmishes, all making use of deep, strategic RPG combat and expansive customization. Race, sex, appearance, job class, sub-class and weapon type are all freely alterable for every team member, so no two knights are ever the same.



Translation notes:


Genre: Role-playing video game
Year: PlayStation Portable - JP September 1, 2011; English Patch - 03 Feb 2015
Developer: Vanillaware
Publishers: Marvelous Entertainment
Language: English
Translation: justfuit

Grand Knights History is a set in the fantasy world of Rystia, which is divided into three warring kingdoms: Logres, the Ancient Kingdom, ruled by King Fausel; Union, the Kingdom of Knights, ruled by King Leon; and Avalon, the Kingdom of Magic, ruled by Queen Muse. Players must align themselves to one of the three nations and advance the story by taking part in missions on behalf of their chosen country.

This patch is a complete English patch for Grand Knights History.
There is an online portion for this game, but it is not being officially supported. As such, things related to the online War mode have not been completed.

Patch info:
Version: 1.16 FINAL!
Fixes many typos
100% translated everything, menus, story, all.




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