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The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion [US][1.2.2007 Beta Build Modded Content Hack]


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8 hours ago, Purplstuph said:

Damn. Guess we gotta wait for a load save function to be implemented. Savestates don't exactly work well with it

I've had this modded beta for some time and I'm not aware of any mods that are more recent. All of the betas released for this game were unfinished anyway.

Savestates shouldn't even be relied on with retail games, I have never used them.

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On 2/9/2022 at 11:23 PM, maxandkon said:

Does anyone know where the rest of the builds are?


The original four betas were released as a bundle scene release iirc, at least that's how I think I got them. Probably was a torrent but that might be dead now idk.

I'd look in the usual places first, eg archive org.

You really aren't missing much as this share here is more "complete" as it's modded.

If you're thinking of trying to compile all the builds together to get a complete finished game that won't work, people have thought of doing that already but there isn't enough there.

As I said this modded version is pretty much the most complete, but still unfinished.

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2 hours ago, DaggerfallTeam said:

@deadlegion was there any success in extracting the models and textures?

I haven't had any contact with the guy that modified this for years, so idk.

I wouldn't even know how to contact him now... assemblergames is dead and obscuregamers is basically just discord, which I won't use. He might not even be there anyway.

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