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Taxi 2 [PAL][English translation v1.0][GDI]

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Archive type: 7zip
Files type: GDI files
Region: PAL
Language: English (translation v1.0)




Taxi 2 is a driving game, based on Luc Besson's movie. Both movie and video game share the same title.

Taxi 2 features two game modes. The "story mode" follows the scenes from the movie and allows you to select from five missions. When a mission is completed, you can save your progress, but also play it in the "arcade mode". In this mode, you will face the same competitor, Jean-Louis Schlesser ! The objective is no longer specific to each mission, but is to win the race, after several laps. In this mode, you will not have to care about the temperature gauge, since it is removed from arcade mode.


Release Information:

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fresh link
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9 hours ago, deadlegion said:

Yeah looks like my account has been terminated for multiple ToS violations.

I had been using that same account for years now. Oh well.

Yep such is the life we lead...
I would recommend if you want to re-upload then make new mega account, upload only 5~10 things to it, make new mega account and so on.
mega deletes hole accounts at a time so if they delete the account you only lose like 8 things not 50 GB worth of stuff. Then your links will stay up for like 2 months to a year depending on traffic and you re-upload to many accounts all over again. If a link is reported dead and it is indeed dead and not the reporter just being dumb, then I leave the report open for 2 weeks to allow the uploader to re-upload it then I remove it if the uploader is in active. (we get a lot of people who upload a few things then disappear or have no interest in keeping things alive anymore witch is cool its a lot of work) But if your active then we can always make exceptions soo you still got time if you want to re-upload

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As 2 members have posted here looking for this share, I have provided a temporary download link.

The link will be good for a maximum of 30 days unless the host removes the file first.


Enjoy 🙂

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