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og xbox bootloop


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hello everyone
so i have a hardmodded xbox that i have messed up and its going  to bootloop since ... i remember changing an option on the mediaplayer ( pal to ntfc) and then the console start to bootloop i tried to burn hexen disk but the console reboot everytime the linux logo comes on im a noob on this modded console is there anyhelp to save my xbox

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I know this is old and you might have already fixed this issue but here goes:

This is tricky since you need to be in the menu to do anything, but cannot get into the menu if it's on a reboot loop. My guess is that since it's already modded you can try FTPing from your comp but who knows if that will even work due to the reboot loop.

I'm assuming you can shut the chip off, and the media player is just an additional dashboard that was on the system. Shutting the chip off should allow to boot into the regular MC dashboard. Once there, go to the memory and just delete xbmc.

Then turn the chip back on and reboot


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Since the OP will probably need to open up the console to switch off the modchip anyway... just in case it can't be switched off...

Pull the HDD and swap in another one. Use an installer disc to setup the new hard drive.

You'll lose all your saves and installed games obviously, but at least your console will work again.

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