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Vita with 3.60, problems with QCMA



Hi there, 

I have a vita with 3.60 and use the offline email method to activate the HENkaku . I have been out of the game for a long time and so maybe I am messing up cos of that reason.

I have the latest version of QCMA installed in my computer and when I try to tranfer a file thru cable connection the QCMA just disconnects and disappears from my task bar and I get an error on the Vita saying disconnected from PC . I have windows 8.1 PC.

I am trying to put an old game which I had backed up into the pc years ago and deleted from the vita for space.

Now my kid wants to play that game !! SO here I am . If more information is needed please let me know as I have tried to include as much info as I can 


Any advise please.


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Same, QCMA is so outdated and NEVER worked for me. I just use Vita Shell for everything now. In my opinion just get max supported firmware (not sure what it is at the moment haven't looked in a while) and H Encore, it's so much easier than dealing with old clunky methods. There is the auto h encore which is so nice.

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