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bin cue [REQUEST] Faussete Amour (BIN/CUE format) for PC Engine CD


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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me find a .BIN/.CUE format rom for a PC Engine CD game called "Faussete Amour."

I can easily find the .ISO/.CUE on several of the top listed sites for the game, but the emulator I'm using on my PSP will only play .BIN/.CUE files.

I also tried converting the .ISO to a .BIN with no success. I guess the .BIN/.CUE would have needed to come from the CD itself when it was ripped.

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it a lot. Thanks to all in advance!


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25 minutes ago, RyouBakura said:

Have you tried mounting the ISO as a virtual drive then creating a BIN image from it? (with something like Imgburn)

Yeah, I mounted the ISO with Daemon Tools then tried to convert it with both ImgBurn and Power ISO separate times but to no avail. The same issue arises each time: each program refuses to even attempt the conversion of the ISO to a BIN because it says the file is "invalid" and "not supported."

The ISO I have has been tested and works on a different PC Engine CD emulator, so the ISO isn't broken or fake.

Maybe it is the way PCE ISOs are formatted that prevents them from being converted via conventional means? I've converted other ISO files before for other reasons and it usually worked out, so I'm lost here unless it is a limitation with the PCE games themselves.

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