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guide Convert PSX ISOs to CHD to save space

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You might know the Compressed Hunk of Data (CHD) format used by MAME to distribute games on CD-ROM more easily (CPS3, Laserdisc, even NAOMI, although this used GD-ROM, but it is the same)

Well, currently several emulators have implemented support for ISOs compressed in CHD format to save disk space (Very useful for users of Retropie or with a HDD with little space)

Very well, the point of the post is to explain how to compress ISOs to this format, so ... The first thing you need is the CHDMAN tool (which Please login or register to see this link. )

As an example, I will use a Cybersled ISO. Put it in the same folder as the CHDMAN (If your case is like mine, a multitrack ISO, extract it in a subfolder)CHD2.PNG.b6d54b2ceb603c16ada8874d6165a435.PNG

Now just drag and drop the folder where the ISO is to the .bat file named ''CUE or GDI to CHD.bat'



And just wait for the process to finish, at the end you would have a file with a CHD extension ready to be used in both Retropie and Retroarch via BeetlePSX coreCHD5.PNG.63dea7cf5ff8dff7ab9ba8b8be668768.PNG

And so you end up, with a fully functional CHD



The whole guide is applicable for the same process in reverse, if you want to extract CHDs, simply drag and drop your CHD to the .bat file called ''Extract CHD to CUE.bat'' (In case it is a Dreamcast ISO, you should do it to ''Extract CHD to GDI.bat'')


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