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Just wanted to give a heads up


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I've been collecting XBOX games since I had my first hard modded system.

With the exception of some very rare discs such as certain OXM and exhibition discs, and things like Starcraft Ghosts, I have literally every single original xbox game there is.

I even have some rare things like Lamborghini Demo and Jacked!. Even the first releasing of GTA: Vice City (The one before the recall I'm pretty sure a lot of people do though)

I also have a ton of PC Morrowind Mods which I personally converted to work on an original Modded XBOX

Problem is, I don't know how I could get them uploaded to help anyone. It kind of pains me to see people looking for games that no one seems to have.

How do I help?

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Hmm I probably should upload Starcraft Ghosts at some point :think:
And if that Lamborghini Demo is the dev build then I would be interested. But i do vaguely remember someone uploading a demo like that before though just don't remember where it is right now...

But yeah making a free mega account is pretty easy, if your still around and want any help please feel free to DM me :KannaWave:

Edit: This Lamborghini Demo??


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On 8/6/2021 at 1:12 PM, Ravenstorm said:

Wasn't Starcraft Ghost canceled? Or is it some kind of test version? I remember really being excited for it...it's really too bad.

Yes it's a cancelled aka unreleased game.

I don't think it's very complete but maybe I'm remembering wrong.

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