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Kingdom Hearts - Re:Chain of Memories UNDUB [NTSC-U] (Incomplete)

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This is the hidden content, please

This is an upload of a previously lost incomplete undub of Kingdom Hearts - Re:Chain of Memories made by Skyblade.
It seems that somehow the link to his patch was fully archived on web.archive which allowed me to even download the needed file.
I've patched it onto a clean NTSC-U version using ppf-o-matic3 which came included in the archive.
Sadly, Skyblade's undub is incomplete and it only undubbed cutscenes while leaving battle voices in English.
One person made an update to Skyblade's undub but never released it publically:

This is the hidden content, please

I am uploading this undub for preservation purposes because I've seen that it was requested in YouTube comments and Reddit.
If anyone knows how to replace battle voices in Japanese, they are more than welcome to make complete undub and replace it with this.

Pre-Patched ISO:
This is the hidden content, please

Patch Only: 
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Original text by Skyblade:

When I finished the Spanish translation of this game, I promised everyone I'd do the undub too. 
The other day I finally got bored enough to actually code a program for doing it (yeah, inserting all audio files one by one is way too complicated xD). 
As I haven't tested it, I'm releasing the undub patch “AS IS”, however, if you find any English-dubbed scene, please tell me and I'll be happy to fix the patch 
I decided to leave all battle quotes in English, they are only a few but so epic that it's not worth undubbing it (“Burn Baby!” ^_^)
Download Kingdom Hearts RE: COM  Undub Patch (225.05 MB)

- After decompressing the download, you'll find two files: a .exe and a .ppf. 
- Open the executable and select your KH RE: COM ISO in the ISO field, and the ppf in the other one. 
- Then hit “Apply”. Don't worry if it takes a long time, the patch file is above 250 MB and can take around 10 minutes to be fully applied. 
- You'll get a confirmation message when it's finished. 
- Then you can burn the ISO to play in a real PS2, or open it with the emulator to play in a PC. Have fun!


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11 hours ago, PHS_Studios said:

@OldClassicGamer What is the archived page link that you talk about?


Skyblade's old wordpress:

This is the hidden content, please

It's inactive now but I managed to retrieve his files by using Web Archive:
This is the hidden content, please


But just letting you know, you won't find there anything that I didn't upload already.
He never finished this undub and I provided what he made public.
If you want to play undub of this game in its full glory, go for PS3 version undubbed by Flared.
It works on RPCS3 as well so you can play it on PC.
It's a waste to be looking at PS2 versions at this point since PS3 and PS4 undubs exist.

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4 hours ago, PHS_Studios said:

Thanks for the info.

I don't think it's a waste, it's good for those without a PS3 or PS4 I guess.  Plus for posterity, it'll be cool to have in the PS2 undub chronicles.


You can play PS3 versions on PC too with RPCS3 emulator. The games are compatible and work good.
Don't get me wrong, if complete PS2 undub ever gets made by someone, I'll definitely archive it and upload it but what I am trying to say is that the demand for undubs of PS2 versions is alltime low because undubbed PS3 versions work on PC with RPCS3 in 60 FPS and full HD and owners of modded PS4 can play it on the most definitive way.

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In order to get a more complete undub of this, we're going to have to create another patch that goes on top of SkyBladeCloud's, to replace the intro/ending FMV's, battle voices, and any songs or other stuff that might be different.

I'm working on getting the necessary programs to extract what I need from the iso img. 

I'm also talking with a few people on a Discord undub server.

I was thinking perhaps just creating an English patch to apply to the NTSC-J iso could be an alternate angle of accomplishing this but I'm guessing and hearing that that's not so easy.

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