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tutorial Uploading files as ROM patches

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This is a tutorial on how I'm creating empty compressed files that are recoded to be comprised files with files inside them. An excellent way to bypass the legalities of copyrighted material because patches are legal and so are empty files.


First you'll need a hex editor. I recommend Translhextion as a very good choice for purposes of ROM patching.


Next you'll need to download a dummy file creator, I recommend Filler.


(Alternately you can use Dummy File Creator for larger files because it's faster, but it needs .NET Framework to work Please login or register to see this link.  )

These are the steps.

1. Compress the file you want to create a generator patch for, this will be treated as the ROM patch later.

2. Open up the resulting file with Translhextion and take note of how many bytes it consists of, look at the bottom right pane where it says "Size:"



3. Open up Filler and create an empty dummy file with the same amount of bytes.


4. OK, now we're half-way through. Next go to Please login or register to see this link.  and enter Creator mode. Select the dummy file as your ROM and the file you compressed in step 1 as the patch to be applied. Create patch.


5. Test the resulting patch, if you did it correctly you now have a file generation patch.

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