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mediafire Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus UNCENSORED NUDE MOD FULL

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No duden en dejarme sus preguntas, constantemente estoy revisando el post

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1-download the game with pkgj ONLY THE GAME AND NOTHING ELSE.

2- if you already had the game installed in advance. They are going to have to delete the DLC so go to ux0 / addcont inside look for the folder with the game code PCSH00250 and delete it. IF YOU ARE NEWLY INSTALLING THE GAME SKIP THIS STEP.

3-now that you have the game installed and downloaded clean with pkgj, you must start the game to create your game, let it start normally and then close it. IF YOU ALREADY HAD IT INSTALLED IN ADVANCE, SKIP THIS STEP.

4-now you must go to pkgj and select ‘’ show dlcs ’’ and download the following DLC, do not download anything outside this step or the nude does not work.

Xtreme Sexy F - Ayane
Xtreme Sexy F - Helena
Xtreme Sexy F - Hitomi
Xtreme Sexy F - Honoka
Xtreme Sexy F - Kasumi
Xtreme Sexy F - Kokoro
Xtreme Sexy F - Marie
Xtreme Sexy F - Momiji
Xtreme Sexy F - Nyotengo

5- Now you must go to the following link and download the mod, unzip it and you should have a folder with the same game code

Download link:

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6-The folder PCSH00250 that you have just decompressed, you pass the psvita to ux0 / and you leave it inside the folder called ‘’ readdcont ’’ (if you don't have it, you must create it)

7-now start the game, go and change your favorite girl's clothes, when choosing the clothes, the outfit ‘’ Xtreme Sexy F ’’ should appear, symbolized by a blank mannequin without any clothes, you select it and enjoy.

8-Once all this is done you can now return to pkgj and install the other DLC that you are missing with ease.

NOTE: I think this is other than explaining that you must have the psvita hacked with plugins repatch, refood, nompdrm if you come here to look, I recommend that you start from below and parts informing you first of how to install hack on your console and necessary plugins and then you come back

Sorry for my English but my native language is Spanish, I just wanted to share with you.


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