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    • By MobCat
      Rogue Trooper
      Tested and Working: Mod-chipped Xbox v1.6
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    • By psobb2009
      1 jogo é o padrão para os japoneses, no jogo com a tecla L, pressione o idioma.
      A janela de diálogo do jogo é inválida (deseja alterar o idioma da janela de diálogo antes de entrar no jogo, pressione e mantenha pressionada a tecla L e pressione
      2 todas abertas
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    • By Deniii
      Bistro Cupid(NTSC-J)

      The files have been extracted with XDVD Mulleter from the Redump ISO file. The .xbe is completely untouched.
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      Size:  1,21 GB (Compressed)
      Format: Folder XBE
    • By toblerones
      Mortal Kombat: Deception
      One of my favorite MK games from the era.

      Hidden Content
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      Password: [email protected]
    • By Spec2K
      GDI dump files used/extracted.  English translation patch v1.0 applied, also dummied.  Haven't tested on CD-R but I can confirm that it works using the official GDEMU. 
      GDEMU NOTES:  Only one problem I had was trying to rename it using GDEMU SD Card Creator v1.10.  For some reason the name of the game takes up 3 lines in the program and you can't rename it.  However, it will still copy the file to the SD card (with some fatal errors within the program itself) and it does work on the GDEMU.  Lastly, I noticed my GDEMU took a bit longer to boot up after copying this game.  My guess is that it could be because of the problematic name within the .cdi of this game.  But again, once GDEMU is done loading at first boot, the game boots up and works when loaded.   If anyone knows how to fix this 'header/name' problem so it works properly with GDEMU SD Card Creator v1.10 so it could be properly renamed, I'd appreciate if you could reupload it again.  Besides that, everything seems to be working fine.  😀
      CD-R Notes: Let us know if this works in the comments.
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