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Crystal System Emulator 1.2

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Brezzasoft Crystal System is an arcade system released by Brezzasoft in 2001, shortly after the SNK went bankrupt. It was coined the "Ultimate 2D Rendering Game Machine", poised to replace the SNK Neo Geo MVS. The main PCB is small (approx 6" square) and contains only a few components. All of the processing work is done by the "Magic Eyes VRender0", a large IC in the middle of the PCB. 

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GAMES: (not included)

The Crystal of Kings BrezzaSoft 2001  
Evolution Soccer Evoga 2001  
Top Blade V SonoKong / Expotato 2003 Comes with motherboard, no plastic. Cartridge PCB is mounted vertically. Better known as Beyblade in Western and Japanese territories.
Office Yeo In Cheon Ha (version 1.2) Danbi 2001  
Donggul Donggul Haerong Danbi 2001
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