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Operation Flashpoint: Elite [NTSC-MIX]

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This game has been MIX region patched by kami knows what (probably DVD2XBOX) However the original source of this game is NTSC-U (USA) but because of this patching it should work on all original xboxs.

Cover Scans:




This is the hidden content, please

Password for RAR file:



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Re-uploaded to mega.nz
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5 hours ago, MobCat said:

Re-uploaded to mega.nz

Thank you!! Most mega uploads disappear quickly though. One user here uses a russian site for uploads (a Russian "mega" of sorts) that couldn't give a single damn about DMCA lol so all of his files are up and running. The upload of his I value the most is the Marvel versus Capcom 2 one. This is the site, maybe uploading here it will be preserved for many more years!: 

This is the hidden content, please

And here is his article of MvC 2: 


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