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Konichiwa minna-san, watashi wa weaboo desu.

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Hey guys! Stumbled upon this forum while looking for the patched Policenauts translation for Saturn. I was lucky enough to manage to buy a copy for Saturn and PS1 from Super Potato in Japan when I went earlier this month! Also got a copy of Snatcher too although I understand the Mega CD version is superior, alas I wasn't able to find any copies over there.

I game predominantly on PlayStation although over the past year I've been gradually switching to PC (3700x, RTX 2080ti for those wondering). I've recently developed an interest in the only 5th generation console I never owned or even cared for at the time- the might Sega Saturn. Any game recommendation would be greatly appreciated. I'm planning on starting a complete PAL collection of games and then focusing more on building a foundation for a Japanese collection next time I head over to Tokyo.

Looking forward to chatting with you all!

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