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Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 - The Phantom Fortress (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)


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Genre: 3D Action/Fighting Game

Compressed Size: 730.2 MB

Format: ISO

Zipped in .7z file extract it with 7zip or Winrar

Description and Gameplay


Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress is the first Naruto instalment of the PSP as well as the sequel to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes in the English version. Unlike the previous game, this game has a game-exclusive Mugen Castle Arc which is the after events of previous arcs.

In this video game, the player can equip skills and items to four characters of any choice. This release is the full non-modified version of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes, and contains the three characters that were removed, which includes The Third Hokage, Shizune and Kabuto. Both removed stages and the game's Story Mode are now present as well. Additionally, movesets have been updated. Gamers can also select the characters to use Japanese or English voices. Jiraiya and Naruto can use Rasengan, Kakashi can use Lightning Cutter and Sasuke can use Chidori without the use of a secret technique.

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