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Genre: Action/Platformer 

Formats: BIN/CUE & CHD

Compressed Sizes:  366.4 MB/342.1 MB

Zipped in .7z file extract it with 7zip or Winrar

CHD compatible with: All Retroarch Sega Saturn Cores



X and Zero, become involved in a conflict between the Hunters and a Reploid army called the "Repliforce".

Differences in the  Sega Saturn Version (Contain Spoiler)


Unlike Mega Man 8, the Sega Saturn version features no major differences from the PlayStation version. Some of the graphical effects were dithered on the Saturn hardware, such as the searchlights in the first part of the intro stage. Despite the slight downgrades, there are some exclusive enhancements such as seamless track looping, as well as a crescendo at the beginning of the music for the Frost Walrus stage and the intro stage boss. There is also a heat wave effect in the background of the ground portion of the intro stage and Magma Dragoon's domain.

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