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Genre: Action/Platformer 

Formats: BIN/CUE & CHD

Compressed Sizes:  227.9 MB/203.4 MB

Zipped in .7z file extract it with 7zip or Winrar

CHD compatible with: All Retroarch Sega Saturn Cores



Mega Man is called to investigate a mysterious energy reading coming from a recent meteor crash on an island. Mega Man discovers that his nemesis Dr. Wily has beaten him there and immediately retreats with the energy source. Mega Man is charged with stopping Wily's evil plans to use the energy, as well as discover the purpose of a mysterious, alien robot found at the crash site

Differences in the  (Contains Spoilers and is long)


A Bonus Mode was included, which includes official and fan artwork, voice test, music test, and a secret animation test for the FMVs. Of note, the voice test includes some unused vocal samples, including an unused line by Frost Man, Dr. Light, and Mega Man saying "Metal Heroes" (used in the Japanese version). By holding L and R and pressing start to get in there, some additional options are available. Bonus Mode replaces the "Game Information" option from the Japanese PlayStation version, which showed previews of the then-upcoming Rockman: Battle & Chase and Super Adventure Rockman.

There are a few additional enemies added in the stages (for example, the game's first two enemies are Metalls).

Water has an additional morphing ripple effect, giving the scenery and background an animated wave motion.

A loud red siren immediately flashes when Mega Man enters the derelict base of Duo's mini-stage. It stops during boss fights.

Cut Man (from Mega Man 1) and Wood Man (from Mega Man 2), who appeared as cameos among the crowd of Robot Masters at the end of the opening animation, make appearances in Duo's mini-stage and Search Man's stage, respectively. Cut Man is an optional encounter, while Wood Man is a mandatory mini-boss. Defeating them earns Mega Man two Bolts that are otherwise lying in the open in the PlayStation version. Once their Bolt is collected, they cannot be challenged again. (On a side note, Cut Man and Wood Man are thought to be the apparent stolen Robot Masters that were in two broken display cases seen in the background of the Robot Museum stage in Mega Man 7.)

The music is slightly different in the Saturn version. Two notable examples are Aqua Man's Stage, which is moodier and has a wider variety of instruments, and Tengu Man's Stage, the only stage in the game which had an entirely different tune. Also, because of Cut Man and Wood Man's appearances, their original stage themes are played in the Saturn version when players battle them; both are remixed to match the sound of the rest of the music. The Saturn version uses PCM encoded audio, while the PlayStation version uses the internal MIDI system of the console.

The full-motion videos in the Saturn version are compressed using Cinepak compression, which causes artifacting and slight blockiness, whereas the PlayStation uses its native MPEG.

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