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Xbox 360 Undubbing Scene Discussion

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I thought about opening this topic if someone wants to discuss about Xbox 360 Undubbing Scene - The least known scene of them all and with sadly not much games archived until recovered.

Undubbing community usually consisits of people who are fans of Japanese culture so they are most likely to own Sony and Nintendo consoles.
Xbox 360 was always  more for the Western audience in mind and thats why most of Japanese games were mainly on systems of Sony and Nintendo.
However, I think Xbox 360 had a fair selection of games from Japan.
Blue Dragon being one of the examples (this game thankfully has an Asian version that has Japanese audio and English text).
There are unfortunately cases where this is not possible.
Due to Undubbers mainly owning Sony/Nintendo consoles, many of the UnDUBs for Xbox 360 are considered lost.
My mission is to try and recover all UnDUBs that I remember existing and  or in worst case scenario find people who could re-create them.
Below, I will write Scene release names for all UnDUBs that I remember just for reference purpose or if it might help somoene who is also interested in helping:


Those are all I can think of that used to exist (if someone knows more of them let me know and I will write it in OP).
They could be found on xbox360iso.com and bITGAMER (original one not  this new copy)

Most of these UnDUBs were done by a person known as Asmodean on PCSX2 Forums but he is signed as Someone Special/Fluffy Kitty when it came to these UnDUBs.
Any person who knows him or think they know someone who could know him is more than welcome to help me reach out to him for the purpose of recovering UnDUBs.
I really hope he still has them saved and that one day they will reappear online.
All these games have rather avarage localizations at best and playing in Japanese would greatly improve the overall experience.

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