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    • By epyal
      Please upload this game in 1 link thx.
    • By LordCha
      This is all I've gathered here(most have)
      Costume packs + 1 senario:

      Hidden Content
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    • By Phil11
      I'd like to request a direct iso/cso download for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix PSP Game. The one that is posted here requires ISO converter. I've tried several times but still managed to fail on converting the game. I hope someone will look into this. Thanks! 
    • By happydance
      Here’s an English port of The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince using the Nintendo Switch assets. Just started this project 2 days ago after releasing my Musou stars English patch, so this still on early stage but seems to be fully playable aside from minor issue and untranslated stuffs in the flowers description. There's also an English text for sounds, but can't find any music/sound player in-game, maybe it will unlock after the game? So... may I request a completed save file of this game so that I could fix all untranslated text and I'll release this beta patch for today so you guys could mess around with it.
      What’s done:
      ○ Fixed Momories Text
      ○ Fixed Flowers name and Story text
      ○ Game credits (plus 10 additional credits from the english localication team which is not present on the original version of this game)
      ○ Font fixes/adjustments
      ○ Text fixes/adjustments
      ○ English digital Game manual translation
      ○ Text speed adjustment (made it a bit faster)
      ○ The initial release of English patch
      ○ Port All English text/images from the Nintendo Switch version.
      What’s not translated:
      ○ Trophies (not a good idea to translate this)
      None (that I'm aware of)
      ○ Hacked Vita (Enso/h-encore 3.60/3.65/3.68)
      ○ Repatch plugin (installed on the Vita and verified working)
      ○ NoNpDrm plugin (installed on the Vita and verified working)
      ○ reF00D plugin if on 3.60/3.65 firmware (installed on the Vita and verified working)
      ○ Vitashell
      ○ This English patch
      Hidden Content
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      How to install:
      1. Install the Base game.
      2. Run/check the un-modded game if it’s running properly (optional)
      3. Copy the “rePatch” folder to ux0, be sure to have NoNpDrm and rePatch plugin (v3.0) properly installed and working.
      4. Run the game.
      Additional Notes:
      ○ Please login or register to see this link.
      ○ Tested on a Slim and Fat 3.68 h-encore and 3.65 Vita TV.
      ○ If there are major text bug’s and you want it fixed, just message me by googling froid_san or happydance and send a screenshot of it or the text before or after the text bug.
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