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PCSX ReARMed Compatibility List


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Hi everyone,

Now that we can play PSX games on 3.60 PSVita using

This is the hidden content, please
(you'll find "pcsx_rearmed-libretro.vpk" on latest RetroArch stable build), I searched for a compatibility list before we post games that couldn't works.

Seems like this

This is the hidden content, please
is not specifically dedicated to PSVita version but should match anyway (since I heard RE2 & RE3 are working fine for example and that's what is write on list). Founded on
This is the hidden content, please

So please, before posting games, test them to be sure they are working or at least get a look at compatibility list.

Thanks and happy share ! :dance:

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Updating PCSXRearmed link to stable RetroArch build
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Both are announced as working perfect on compatibility list, but if you look in details you'll see majority of tests have been made using old version of PCSXreARMed (r14-r15) when we are using r22 release.

So many games can works, we need to do a little update to this list (as anyone can) ^^

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