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gdrive Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri UNDUB [NTSC-U]

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Update 2020-12-12: Completely uncompromised now, all of the Japanese voice clips are in.
Title ID: SLUS21471
Size: 959 MB / 605 MB archived

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※ 12 voice clips had to be left mute, at least 3 of which are unused.
※ There is a single instance of a character delivering another character's lines (near the beginning of the game). Likely a localisation goof.
※ I took the liberty to un-invert the 3rd-person camera controls.

Thanks to @anotherswitchanon for reuploading the original undub!

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Thanks for checking. Oh well, undubbing the Nightshade from scratch is not much of a big deal but treating the Tokobot took me about a week worth of free time, so down to Dead Links it goes.

Edit: Spoke toon! Found a way to actually inject back the edited audio, the fully compromise-free undub will come in a day or three.

Revenge of the Edit 2: The current undub is going to stay after all, most of the edits sound broken in-game.

Edited by swosho
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