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gdrive Eternal Poison UNDUB [NTSC-U]


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Update: Finally, the video quality has been improved dramatically, which closes the book on technical issues with this undub. And the image has been re-mastered for compatibly with PS3 ofc. 
This is the last one of my older PS2 undubs to be updated to resolve the PS3 incompatibility, all of them are good now.

Hotfix: Fixed a couple of mixed up combat voice clips.

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      Update 2021-09-23: Resolved the crash occurring during the Guts Man's stage intro.
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      ※ The Japanese version of the game has higher bitrate event voice clips but if imported as they are, the localised version skips about half of them. Those had to be slightly compressed.
      ※ I'm not too sure about some of the imported sound banks but they seem to be functioning correctly. Please reach out to me in case you'll spot any oddities regarding the sfx audio for the extra characters.
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      Title ID: ULUS10400 
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      Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. The combat audio and OP&ED are undubbed, the NA-exclusive voice acting in all major story events has been made mute.
      The voiced narration intro and reaction voice clips in some story events (to my knowledge, there are only five of them) weren't carried over, as those were never present in the North American version.
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