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How to backup savefiles without the game. properly?



So, How to backup savefiles without the game. properly? I was reading reddit vitapiracy but it seems the information is old and cluttered.

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. Once you've installed it, open it and you'll see a list of apps that you can get saves from. Select the one you want, then press the o button to confirm, then press o again to start the dumper. It'll install some stuff, don't press anything and it'll automatically go to the live area, and also automatically open your game. Once you're in the game, the menu will show up again with 3 options: triangle to import (this is if you want to reinstall your saves), cross to exit (if you don't want to continue), and circle to export. This is what you want to do; press circle, and then it'll backup your saves to a specific folder in ux0:/data/rinCheat/.

To move it to your PC, just use an FTP client and browse to the specific folder when you connect to your Vita, and move the whole folder to your PC.

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