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Vitamin can turn Trials into Full copies!

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First off:

The difference between a trial game and a demo; is that the trial game uses the same data as the Retail Copy and demos are completely different "games" by themselves

Since trial games contain the same data as the full game, if they are repacked with Vitamin, the PS Vita thinks the game is the full edition, therefore converting a trial into a full game.

Please login or register to see this link. has compiled a short list of trials that he has tested:

Minecraft: Playstation Vita Edition (Latest Update (Also dumped by Vitamin)): Working

Terraria (Version 1.0): Working

Guacamelee: Working

Dead or Alive 5 Plus: Not Working

Jet Set Radio: Not Working

Killzone Mercenary Beta: Not Working

Velocity Ultra: Not Working

Lumines: Not Working

Urban Trial Freestyle: Not Working

Rayman Legends: Not Working

Rainbow Moon: Not Working

Resogun: Not Working (Tested by Please login or register to see this link. )

Source: Please login or register to see this link. created by Please login or register to see this link. .

If you have a trial game that is not listed here, Give it a try and report back with your results!

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I know a retail dump of Little Big Planet is shown as a trial. Even though it came from a physical copy... The link to it is on one of the mega dump thread on /r/vitapiracy.

Edit: Also the game functions as the trail also!

Hmm, seems that it can work in both direction then! However, don't worry TheFloW has posted a Please login or register to see this link. saying that this wil be fixed in Vitamin 1.2! :D Good times ahead!

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Ironically the same can be said the other way around, I remember trying to dumb Minecraft PS Vita Edition back on VT 1.2 everything looked on the up, and up till I actually tried testing the game, and saw that everything was locked with that good'ol trial (it said DEMO) menu looking me square in the face,I haven't dumped Minecraft since, and there isn't really a need for it anymore as so many have already done it since my last attempt however I might come back on that to some degree, and dump some DLC I have collected soon, but that isn't something you guys should count on

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