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MaiDumpTool English 233.2z2


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Thanks ckv1212 !

Here is a translated changelog :

Supported decryption and loading of DLCs (set the load option to 5 to load DLCs)

DLCs install to ux0:addcont_mai, with the same folder structure as ux0:addcont

Supported decryption of games with their own SELFs (such as Uncharted)

Supported decryption of games with their own SUPRXs (such as EXVS)

Supported decryption of games with mixed SELFs and SUPRXs (such as God Eater, FFX) (if those games have too many SUPRXs, decryption may take a long time and a significant amount of storage space)

Supported decryption of some U3D games (such as XONiC) (Can’t load DLCs for U3D games yet)

Supported decryption of games with an odd number of program segments

Some games will make DRM requests. Try to set the load option to 5 if games fail to run.

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Great new! You can actually use Vitamin DLCs now for Maidumptool dumped games :)


Do the following steps:

Step 1: Install Maidumptool v233.2z2

Step 2: Install Maidumptool GAMES

Step 3: Place the DLC files in uxo:\addcont_mai\[GAME ID]

Step 4: Open Maidumptool > Choose 4th Option [switch game loading] > Choose the game > Choose 5th Option [Load mode 0+10hook]

Step 5: WAIT for a few seconds until it says at the bottom of the screen "Installation complete"

Step 6: Start your game and Enjoy your DLCs!!!

Much welcome! :)

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