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ElTacoDestroyer I.Q. Mania (ISO) [UCAS-40065] [TNW]

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Decryption Key: jraIEdStLPyZiwsMdus3epLRhvNnSh_DAoAPSi_avf4


Archive Size: 337MB                  Size on Disk:  425MB



I.Q Mania is a Puzzle video game published by Sony released on September 13, 2006 for the PlayStation Portable.

This game is brilliant. One of the few puzzle games where you have to use your brain to get far.

Despite this being a version released for Asia it is in English. The game play is not easy to explain you’ll have to watch a couple of videos to understand what’s going on but basically You control a character that is trapped on the top of a platform, if you fall from it, you die.

It wouldn’t be a hard task if it wasn’t for the giants blocks coming toward you all the time. If they crush you you don’t die but they all get through you and fall. Every time a grey block falls from the platform it gets smaller, if it gets too small you will have nowhere to stand and you will fall and die.

What you are supposed to do is destroy the grey blocks and let the black ones keep their course and fall from the platform by themselves. You do this by lighting the floor then you wait for a grey block to step there and then you detonate the floor and the block disappears, do this for all the grey blocks (not the black ones!) and you’ll successfully survive a run.

There are also green blocks, what they do is after you destroy them they leave a mark on the floor, you can detonate this mark with a different button (triangle) when you do that 9 blocks around the mark will disappear too. This is great but be careful if you happen to destroy a black block too a line from the platform will disappear making it smaller.

So basically your life bar is the ground itself, if you do things right the ground will get bigger, if you screw up it gets smaller, you fall and die.


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