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DVD2XBOX 0.7.8 R2

Tested and working: TSOP Flashed xbox v1.4, Debug Kit v1.0 (Will not work on a dev kit unless you patch it to run retail games)

DVD2XBOX is a simple user friendly tool for dumping your xbox game disks to the xbox's HDD, it can be used for dvds, music and othere things but it is primarily used for dumping xbox game.
Please note: This tool is for personal use only. As DVD2XBOX auto region patches games and dose kami knows what else to them it is not recommended for archival use. It will work fine for any game you want to through at it and is a grate tool for dumping and playing your own games but if you upload any of your dumps to NGR made with this tool please add the [MIX] region tag to your post and say in your post that the game was dumped with dvd2xbox.


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Posted (edited)

Man I forgot about that program props for the nostalgia. But I'm just curious as to why a program would be needed/used to copy a disk to achieve the exact same result you would by using any file explorer?

With the disk in the system just do this:
1. Open any file explorer, open up directory you want the  disk contents to go into on one side
2. Highlight the D drive on the other side and press the black button.
3. Select copy disk/quick copy disk and press A



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@tlgamer lol yeah this is one of the preferred methods for dumping games as it dose not modify any files but i'm pretty sure dvd2xbox is older then that method >__<' Also stick disk in, run app, follow promps is really noob friendly then making and copying folders in the file explorer.
Also some games need patching to run off your hdd not a disk and for the most part dvd2xbox dose all of that for you...

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