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mega Gears of War (ISO)


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Gears of War Windows Front CoverAnd you thought the ringworld and flood was brutal.

Consider getting 7-Zip 15.21 (or newer) for Extraction. / Packaged in .7z / Password: None. There is no password.

Format: ISO

Size:  Uncompressed- 7.41GB (Compressed- 7.31GB)

It should be noted:  There is the Ultimate Edition, but I've heard that it's not so well optimised and a bit of a porting disaster. This release is the original game for PC, In terms of GFWL, well... It's not on it, thankfully. Multiplayer's dead however, and this was the only game in the series to be released for a long while before UE came out. I've also heard that in the US at least, that it's quite uncommon to find, just like Halo 2's PC port. Keep in mind, this may not work on modern systems. Google on any issue you come across. As for the "Updating Component Registration" thing, just let it do its thing then it will install.

Ripper's Notes: Gears on PC always fascinated me. It was a thing I didn't know it existed until I found it at a car-boot sale (or Flea Market for those outlanders of the west) for a single pound. The guy sold it to me for cheap, and it quickly became something that I would never sell. Why? Well, if you look on Ebay then yikes. Gears didn't run on my pc at first, simply because I was too oblivious to the term "patches" in order for it to work. So I left it. Then years later and 2 years after I got my trusty rig, I fixed up a laptop. This was also when I found out about Halo 2's port to PC, but that's for a different day. After testing H2's port (which worked really well with Project Cartographer), Gears slipped back into my mind. And here we are, I had to create an ISO for it to install, installed it and after going through google for a "No CD" Crack, it worked. and yeah, it's Gears alright. Decent port aside from...

Porting Disaster: This game is difficult to get running, even on Windows Vista or XP. So, this bit is dedicated to those who want a way of playing it on their modern hardware. I recommend you follow this video throughout your installation process. In fact, do not play the game until you have resolved the issue. Here's the video: Please login or register to see this link.

Grab it:


Please login or register to see this spoiler.
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